Stafi Geordiertools for Backup & Restores
By GeordieR Validator
Quickly get your chain synced or even just started and stopped easier with this handy tool.
The github associated with this tutorial is at
My github where this code exists is here:

What is Geordiertools?

Geordiertools is the name given to the collection of features I've put together to assist stafi backups, restores, and node maintenance.etc.

Install Geordiertools

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Video Help!
Please see the youtube video here for help restoring a node. I will say its not made for total beginners as I skip concepts like choosing a VPS, using putty / or any other terminal program to connect to your VPS, securing your VPS etc. It also uses the "&" concept for running elements in the background. Please play with this your first time on a seperate node that you have not registered your session keys to get comfortable. I usually fire up a Vultr node for a few hours to test before destroying it as its just so easy to do.
One more note: If you see a different command on the video than on the documentation, the documentation takes precedence. Some bugs or "sudo" removals have been made to the documentation since the video was released so please take notice of this guide when you use the video to assist you.
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